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TBN Europe Regulars


Access 360

Access 360 is an up close, 360 degree look inside America's faith and family network - TBN.

  • Wednesday 1:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 9:35PM (CEST)

Alan Scotland

Demystifying The Kingdom Of God with Alan Scotland

  • Tuesday 11PM (CEST)

Allen Jackson

Intend with Pastor Allen Jackson

  • Thursday 1:30PM (CEST)
  • Sunday 9AM (CEST)

Andrew Owen

Destiny with Andrew Owen

  • Tuesday 9PM (CEST)

Andrew Wommack

Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack

  • Thursday 3:30AM (CEST)
  • Friday 3:30AM (CEST)
  • Monday 3:30AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 3:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 3:30AM (CEST)

Awakenings with Jon Colyer

Join Jon Colyer, senior pastor of Gateway Christian Centre, West Bromwich.

  • Sunday 4PM (CEST)

Bethel Presents Heaven to Earth

Bethel is a vibrant community of worshippers in Redding, California passionate about God�s manifest presence and revival. Each week Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Eric Johnson and other exciting Bible teachers bring fresh revelation of what it looks like to do as Jesus did and bring Heaven to Earth.

  • Sunday 11:30AM (CEST)

Beyond Blessed

Pastor Robert Morris unpacks God�s perfect plan to overcome financial stress. Generosity is the key to living a blessed life. But before we can be generous, we have to learn to be wise and faithful stewards of the resources God entrusts to us, and the Bible is full of practical lessons that show us how to do it. You can start living Beyond Blessed!

  • Monday 6:30PM (CEST)

Bill & Gloria Gaither

Precious Memories with Bill & Gloria Gaither

  • Saturday 3PM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 5:30PM (CEST)

Billy Graham TV

Hear stories of hope found through a relationship with Jesus Christ in the Billy Graham TV programs.

  • Thursday 2PM (CEST)

Billy Wilson

World Impact with Billy Wilson

  • Tuesday 3:30PM (CEST)

Bobby Schuller

Bobby Schuller Ministries

  • Saturday 6:30PM (CEST)

Book of Ruth

Best-selling author of The God Chasers, One Night With The King, and The Road Home, Tommy Tenney shares insights into the life of the biblical Ruth that shows you how you, too, can find your second chance.

  • Monday 1AM (CEST)

Caleb Alalade - The Father's Heart

Hear from Pastor Caleb Alalade on how you can build the ultimate partnership with God.

  • Saturday 10PM (CEST) (Repeat)

CBN Christian World News

CBN Christian World News

  • Saturday 1:30PM (CEST)

Charles Stanley: How to listen to God

Communication is vital in everything we do. Not only is it important in our relationships with other people, but itâs also important in our relationship with God.

  • Friday 1:30PM (CEST)

Christianity & Islam

The programs set forth basic and foundational differences between Christianity and Islam and the implications for how we understand God, Christ, and the meaning of salvation.

  • Thursday 1AM (CEST)

Christine Caine

Equip & Empower with Christine Caine

  • Tuesday 7:30PM (CEST)

Claudio Freidzon

Justo a Tiempo with Claudio Freidzon

  • Thursday 11PM (CEST)

Creflo Dollar

Changing Your World with Creflo Dollar

  • Thursday 6AM (CEST)
  • Friday 6AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 7PM (CEST)
  • Sunday 8PM (CEST)
  • Monday 12:30AM (CEST)
  • Monday 6AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 6AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 6AM (CEST)

Cynthia Garrett

The Mini Sessions with Cynthia Garrett

  • Wednesday 11PM (CEST)

Daniah Greenberg: The Tree of Life Bible

Daniah Greenberg is founder of the Tree of Life Bible Society and publisher of the Tree of Life Version (TLV) of the Bible.

  • Wednesday 8:30PM (CEST)
  • Saturday 3:30AM (CEST)
  • Monday 1:30AM (CEST)

Daniel Kolenda

Christ for All Nations with Daniel Kolenda

  • Sunday 12:05PM (CEST)

Doug Bachelor

Amazing Facts with Doug Bachelor

  • Thursday 10PM (CEST)

Dr. Charles Stanley

In Touch with Charles Stanley

  • Saturday 4PM (CEST)
  • Sunday 9:30AM (CEST)

Dr. David Jeremiah

Through sound Bible teaching, you'll discover life-changing turning points in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Thursday 4AM (CEST)
  • Friday 4AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 6:30AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 2:30PM (CEST)
  • Monday 4AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 4AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 4AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 5PM (CEST)

Dr. Robert Jeffress

Pathway to Victory with Dr. Robert Jeffress

  • Thursday 5AM (CEST)
  • Friday 5AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 7AM (CEST)
  • Monday 5AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 5AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 5AM (CEST)

Ed Young

Winning Walk with Ed Young

  • Sunday 3AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 7:30AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 11AM (CEST)

Erick Stakelbeck

The Watchmen with Erick Stakelbeck

  • Friday 1AM (CEST)
  • Saturday 3AM (CEST)


Eurospirit TV

  • Saturday 2PM (CEST)

Everyday Answers

Everyday Answers with Joyce Meyer

  • Sunday 3:30PM (CEST)

Father Cedric

Live With Passion with Father Cedric

  • Sunday 4AM (CEST)

Fred Price

Ever Increasing Faith with Fred Price

  • Friday 9PM (CEST)

French Block

French Block

  • Saturday 8:30AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 12AM (CEST)

Future Tense

Part of the Mars Hill Evangelistic Trilogy.

  • Thursday 1AM (CEST)

Game Changers

Game Changers with Gavin & Anne Calver

  • Friday 7:30PM (CEST)

Gods at War

There are gods at war within each of us. They battle for the throne of our hearts. Much is at stake. This is why idolatry is the most discussed problem in the entire Bible. Behind every sin struggle that you and I have is a false god that is winning the war in our lives. Join Kyle Idleman as he explores these gods. When the Lord God takes His rightful place on the throne of our hearts, we will have victory.

  • Saturday 12AM (CEST)

Gospel Worship Experience

Each episode showcases todayâs top recording artists leading the audience in the studio into a gospel worship experience.

  • Wednesday 7:30PM (CEST)

Great Souls

Great Souls features revealing profiles of Billy Graham, Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Elie Wiesel, and Nelson Mandela.

  • Monday 11:30PM (CEST)

Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie TV

  • Sunday 1:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 10PM (CEST)

Gregory Dickow

Pastor Gregory Dickow teaches the life-changing principles of God's Word.

  • Sunday 1:30PM (CEST)


Join Mike Huckabee for no agenda news, positive entertainment and everyday stories that inspire.

  • Saturday 5PM (CEST)
  • Saturday 8PM (CEST)

In the Gap

Join Pastor Choco De Jesus as he discusses society's 'Gap', a place of pain, hurt, and weakness and what happens when Christians use the strength of God's calling. This mini-series will explore the impact Christians can have on generations to follow.

  • Monday 7:30PM (CEST)

InGrace with Jim Scudder, Jr.

Join Jim Scudder, Jr. every week on an adventure of faith - exploring God's amazing world - finding grace and hope.

  • Tuesday 1:30PM (CEST)


One By Oneâs Matthew and Becky Murray delve into the mission field and discuss the importance of carrying the good news into all the world.

  • Wednesday 10:30PM (CEST)

Irving Baxter

End Of The Age with Irving Baxter

  • Friday 6:30PM (CEST)
  • Friday 9:35PM (CEST)

Jack Graham

Power Point with Jack Graham

  • Sunday 10AM (CEST)

James Merrit

Touching Lives with James Merrit

  • Sunday 5:30AM (CEST)

James Robison

Life Today with James and Betty Robison

  • Thursday 11AM (CEST)
  • Friday 11AM (CEST)
  • Monday 11AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 11AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 11AM (CEST)

Jay Sekulow

Jay Sekulow speaks about the protection of religious freedoms in America.

  • Tuesday 10PM (CEST)

Jewish Voice

Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis

  • Monday 11:30AM (CEST)

Joel Osteen

Overcomer with Joel Osteen

  • Thursday 7AM (CEST)
  • Friday 7AM (CEST)
  • Saturday 4AM (CEST)
  • Saturday 7AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 6PM (CEST)
  • Monday 7AM (CEST)
  • Monday 6PM (CEST)
  • Monday 10PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 7AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 7AM (CEST)

John Bradshaw

It Is Written with John Bradshaw

  • Sunday 10:30AM (CEST)

John Gray

John Gray World with John Gray

  • Thursday 2AM (CEST)
  • Friday 2AM (CEST)
  • Saturday 2AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 2AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 5:30PM (CEST)
  • Monday 2AM (CEST)
  • Monday 4PM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 2AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 4PM (CEST)
  • Friday 4PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 4PM (CEST)

John Hagee

John Hagee Today with John Hagee

  • Thursday 6:30AM (CEST)
  • Thursday 1PM (CEST)
  • Friday 6:30AM (CEST)
  • Friday 1PM (CEST)
  • Sunday 12:30PM (CEST)
  • Monday 6:30AM (CEST)
  • Monday 1PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 6:30AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 1PM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 6:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 1PM (CEST)

Jonathan Cahn: The Book of Mysteries

Discover a treasure chest with hidden ancient mysteries, revelations from heaven, secrets of the ages, the answers to man's most enduring, age-old questions, and the hidden keys that can transform your life to joy, success, and blessing.

  • Friday 10PM (CEST)

Jonathan Cahn: The Oracle

For centuries, people have sought to find the connection between Biblical prophecies and the current events of our day and future developments. Now New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Cahn takes you on a journey into the prophecies concerning Jubilee and end-time events in The Oracle

  • Friday 1:30PM (CEST)
  • Sunday 1AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 11:30PM (CEST)
  • Saturday 1AM (CEST)

Jordan Rubin: CBD

God made plants for the betterment of humans. Jordan and Josh talk about the benefits of a revolutionary plant, and have made it available in supplement and protein drink form.

  • Saturday 2:30AM (CEST)

Joseph Prince

New Creation Church with Joseph Prince

  • Thursday 4:30AM (CEST)
  • Thursday 7:30AM (CEST)
  • Thursday 9PM (CEST)
  • Friday 4:30AM (CEST)
  • Friday 7:30AM (CEST)
  • Saturday 4:30AM (CEST)
  • Saturday 7:30AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 8AM (CEST)
  • Monday 4:30AM (CEST)
  • Monday 7:30AM (CEST)
  • Monday 9PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 4:30AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 7:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 4:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 7:30AM (CEST)

Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland Ministries specializes in teaching principles of bible faith.

  • Thursday 8AM (CEST)
  • Friday 8AM (CEST)
  • Monday 8AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 8AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 8AM (CEST)

Kerry Shook

Kerry Shook Ministries

  • Sunday 2:30AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 6:30PM (CEST)

Laugh with the Skit Guys

Tommy & Eddie are The Skit Guys, who use their talents in humor and acting to minister to the next generation.

  • Thursday 3:30PM (CEST)

Main Stage

Series featuring Southern Gospel artists and their performances from the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • Saturday 2:30PM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 7PM (CEST)

Making Sense of your Dreams

A practical introduction to dream interpretation using a Biblical model, presented by Tony Cooke.

  • Saturday 10:30PM (CEST)

Mark Batterson: Chase the Lion

Pastor Mark Batterson teaches and inspires viewers to grab opportunity by the mane, go after God-sized dreams and chase the lion!

  • Monday 7PM (CEST)

Michael Youssef

Leading the Way with Michael Youssef

  • Saturday 7:30PM (CEST)
  • Sunday 3:30AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 9:35PM (CEST)

Music, Moments, & Memories

Music, Moments, & Memories highlights the friendships legendary CCM artists have maintained over the years, their faith and journey in music.

  • Wednesday 6PM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 11:30PM (CEST)

One on One with Kirk Cameron

One on One with Kirk Cameron, features a one-on-one activity with Kirk and his inspiring friends, pushing their limits with some California fun - rock climbing, go-cart racing, navigating escape rooms, and more. Afterwards, they hangout, for an uncensored talk about faith, family, and what matters most.

  • Thursday 6PM (CEST)

Open Book with R.T. Kendall

Join RT Kendall in conversation with some of his closest friends, and find out the story behind some of RT Kendall's most loved books.

  • Sunday 8:30PM (CEST)


Learn to live in strength and unmovable faith using God's spiritual armor in daily life.

  • Saturday 3:30AM (CEST)

Paul Adefarasin

House on the Rock with Paul Adefarasin

  • Thursday 7:30PM (CEST)

Perry Stone

Manna Fest with Perry Stone

  • Friday 7PM (CEST)
  • Monday 9:35PM (CEST)

Perspectives: Life-Work-Faith

How we see life will affect how we experience it. Many of our perspectives are born on earth instead of being pulled from heaven. Join me, explore and if necessary change the way you think about life-work-faith. As a result you will be transformed from glory to glory.

  • Thursday 10:30PM (CEST)

R.T. Kendall

Word & Spirit with R.T. Kendall

  • Thursday 9:35PM (CEST)

Rabbi Kirt Schneider

The Jewish Jesus with Rabbi Kirt Schneider

  • Thursday 11:30AM (CEST)
  • Friday 11:30AM (CEST)
  • Monday 1:30PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 11:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 11:30AM (CEST)

Remember The Music

Remember the Music highlights the friendships legendary CCM artists have maintained over the years, their faith and journey in music.

  • Saturday 11PM (CEST)

Robert Morris

The Blessed Life with Robert Morris

  • Thursday 9:30AM (CEST)
  • Friday 9:30AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 4:30PM (CEST)
  • Monday 9:30AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 9:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 9:30AM (CEST)

Ron Carpenter

Redemption with Ron Carpenter

  • Sunday 8:35AM (CEST)

Samuel Rodriguez: Be Light

Shining God's Beauty, Truth, and Hope Into a Darkened World

  • Saturday 1:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 1AM (CEST)

Sid Roth

It's Supernatural with Sid Roth

  • Friday 6PM (CEST) (Repeat)

Somebody's Gotta Do It

Join host Mike Rowe, star of Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs", as he sets out on a mission to find people from all walks of life on a unique mission... people with a passion and a calling to making our world a little bit brighter, a little bit bigger, a little bit better.

  • Saturday 6PM (CEST)
  • Saturday 9PM (CEST)

Steven Furtick

The Elevation Experience, with Pastor Steven Furtick, focuses on the strength of God in our everyday struggles.

  • Thursday 2:30AM (CEST)
  • Thursday 9AM (CEST)
  • Friday 2:30AM (CEST)
  • Friday 9AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 5AM (CEST)
  • Monday 2:30AM (CEST)
  • Monday 9AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 9AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 2:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 9AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 8PM (CEST)

T.D. Jakes

The Potter's Touch with Bishop T.D. Jakes

  • Thursday 4:30PM (CEST)
  • Friday 4:30PM (CEST)
  • Sunday 3PM (CEST)
  • Monday 12AM (CEST)
  • Monday 4:30PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 4:30PM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 4:30PM (CEST)

Take The Lead

This series will broaden your view on leadership practicalities with insight from Rev Celia Apeagyei.

  • Tuesday 10:30PM (CEST)

Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Business is a call-to-action for viewers of TBN to take up the mantle of Christian responsibility to confront the social issues of today.

  • Friday 1:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 1:30PM (CEST)

TBN Meets

Get to know the ministers, worshippers and pioneers serving God in the UK today.

  • Saturday 9:30PM (CEST)

TBN Presents: Andrew Scotland

Join Alan Scotland, as he explores what it means to walk in the Kingdom of God.

  • Monday 11PM (CEST)

TBN Presents: David Peterson

Reverend David Peterson Conveys a revitalising series looking at the life of Moses and how one should stay connected to God in a fun and encouraging way.

  • Thursday 6:30PM (CEST)

TBN Presents: Katia Adams

Taking a look at how to be fruitful and tenacious in our leadership, both as we lead ourselves and others. And understanding who we are, whose we are and what we were made for.

  • Monday 10:30PM (CEST)

TBN Presents: Keeth Bandara

God is relational and he intends for us all to do relationship with one another well. There is wisdom in God to navigate through relationships in every situation we find ourselves in. Whether you are single, dating, complicated or married God is interested in your relationship status.

  • Monday 11PM (CEST)

TBN Presents: Rob Wall

Join Rob Wall for powerful teaching on Kingdom and Leadership.

  • Sunday 5PM (CEST)

TBN Presents: Stu & Chlo Glassborow

Join Stu and Chlo Glassborow from Catch The Fire London, as they share with you inspiring and life changing talks on encountering the fullness of God and then finding who we are in Him.

  • Sunday 7:30PM (CEST)

TBN Presents: Valerie Elliot

Join Valerie Elliot as she shares on how we can experience worship in our everyday lives.

  • Wednesday 9PM (CEST)

TBN UK Partner Time

The best of the guest episodes of Partner Time. Featuring interviews with the leaders of ministry and worship movements from around the UK.

  • Thursday 4PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 6:30PM (CEST)

The Portrait

The Portrait with Jentezen Franklin

  • Monday 1:30AM (CEST)

The Tabernacle

Aninman Studios presents this intriguing walk through of the ancient Tabernacle. This meeting place between sinful man and Holy God is seen in illuminating three dimensional computer generated detail. You will feel like you have walked on Holy Ground just as the Priests once did.

  • Thursday 1AM (CEST)

Tony Evans

Urban Alternative with Tony Evans

  • Sunday 4:30AM (CEST)


Treasures TV - True Life Stories

  • Friday 11:30PM (CEST)

When The Light Comes with Big Daddy Weave

Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave had it put on his heart to share, through a televised medium, what the group has been seeing happen within the band and in their community of family, friends, and fans.

  • Wednesday 6:30PM (CEST)


Join Matthew; senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) in London, as he makes use of his dynamic gifting as a Pastor, and teacher, to inspire countless souls with his passionate preaching of the Living Word.

  • Friday 10:30PM (CEST)

Your World with Creflo

Everyone faces challenges in life, and with every challenge we face, there is a solution.

  • Sunday 2PM (CEST)