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TBN Europe Regulars


Adventures with God

For 10 years, Darren Wilson has traveled the world in an attempt to film God and discover His true nature and character.

  • Saturday 12:30AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 9PM (CET)

Allen Jackson

Intend with Pastor Allen Jackson

  • Friday 10:30AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 10:30AM (CET)

Andrew Owen

Destiny with Andrew Owen

  • Friday 11PM (CET)

Andrew Wommack

Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack

  • Thursday 3:30AM (CET)
  • Friday 3:30AM (CET)
  • Monday 3:30AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 3:30AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 3:30AM (CET)

Behind the Scenes

Matt and Laurie Crouch host Behind the Scenes

  • Wednesday 1AM (CET)

Best of 2017

Join us as we look back over TBN highlights of 2017.

  • Thursday 12AM (CET)
  • Thursday 8PM (CET)
  • Friday 12AM (CET)
  • Friday 8PM (CET)

Beth Moore

Living Proof with Beth Moore

  • Wednesday 7PM (CET)

Big Church Day Out

Highlights from the Big Church Day Out.

  • Saturday 10PM (CET)

Bill & Gloria Gaither

Precious Memories with Bill & Gloria Gaither

  • Saturday 3PM (CET)

Billy Graham TV

Hear stories of hope found through a relationship with Jesus Christ in the Billy Graham TV programs.

  • Thursday 2PM (CET)
  • Monday 7PM (CET)

Bobby Schuller

Bobby Schuller Ministries

  • Saturday 6:30PM (CET)

Casey Treat

Pastor Casey Treat shares a simple truth that changed his life and the lives of countless others.

  • Sunday 4AM (CET)

CBN Christian World News

CBN Christian World News

  • Saturday 1:30PM (CET)

Christine Caine

Equip & Empower with Christine Caine

  • Thursday 7:30PM (CET)
  • Saturday 1AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 10:30AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 11:30PM (CET)

Claudio Freidzon

Justo a Tiempo with Claudio Freidzon

  • Thursday 11PM (CET)

Creflo Dollar

Changing Your World with Creflo Dollar

  • Thursday 6AM (CET)
  • Thursday 10:30PM (CET)
  • Friday 6AM (CET)
  • Friday 10:30PM (CET)
  • Sunday 7PM (CET)
  • Sunday 8PM (CET)
  • Monday 6AM (CET)
  • Monday 10:30PM (CET)
  • Tuesday 6AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 10:30PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 6AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 10:30PM (CET)

Cynthia Garrett

The Mini Sessions with Cynthia Garrett

  • Wednesday 11PM (CET)

Daniel Kolenda

Christ for All Nations with Daniel Kolenda

  • Sunday 12:05PM (CET)

Doug Bachelor

Amazing Facts with Doug Bachelor

  • Thursday 10PM (CET)

Dr. Charles Stanley

In Touch with Charles Stanley

  • Saturday 4PM (CET)
  • Sunday 9:30AM (CET)

Dr. David Jeremiah

Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

  • Sunday 6:30AM (CET)
  • Sunday 2:30PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 5:30PM (CET)

Dr. Robert Jeffress

Pathway to Victory with Dr. Robert Jeffress

  • Saturday 7:30PM (CET)
  • Sunday 11AM (CET)

Drive Thru History

Drive Thru History with David Stotts

  • Thursday 3:30PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 8:30PM (CET)

Ed Young

Winning Walk with Ed Young

  • Sunday 7:30AM (CET)

Erick Stakelbeck

The Watchmen with Erick Stakelbeck

  • Friday 1AM (CET)
  • Friday 7:30PM (CET)
  • Saturday 3AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 11:30PM (CET)


Eurospirit TV

  • Saturday 2PM (CET)

Everyday Answers

Everyday Answers with Joyce Meyer

  • Sunday 3:30PM (CET)
  • Tuesday 7PM (CET)

Father Cedric

Live With Passion with Father Cedric

  • Sunday 5AM (CET)

Fred Price

Ever Increasing Faith with Fred Price

  • Friday 9PM (CET)

French Block

French Block

  • Saturday 8:30AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 12AM (CET)

Game Changers

Game Changers with Gavin & Anne Calver

  • Saturday 11PM (CET)

Gods at War

There are gods at war within each of us. They battle for the throne of our hearts. Much is at stake. This is why idolatry is the most discussed problem in the entire Bible. Behind every sin struggle that you and I have is a false god that is winning the war in our lives. Join Kyle Idleman as he explores these gods. When the Lord God takes His rightful place on the throne of our hearts, we will have victory.

  • Saturday 11:30PM (CET)

Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie TV

  • Monday 7:30PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 10PM (CET)

Guillermo Maldonado

Time For Change with Guillermo Maldonado

  • Tuesday 4PM (CET)


Join Mike Huckabee for no agenda news, positive entertainment and everyday stories that inspire.

  • Saturday 5PM (CET)
  • Saturday 8PM (CET)
  • Sunday 8:30PM (CET)

Irving Baxter

End Of The Age with Irving Baxter

  • Friday 6:30PM (CET)

Jack Graham

Power Point with Jack Graham

  • Sunday 10AM (CET)

James MacDonald

Walk in the Word with Dr. James MacDonald

  • Thursday 5AM (CET)
  • Friday 5AM (CET)
  • Sunday 7AM (CET)
  • Monday 5AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 5AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 5AM (CET)

James Merrit

Touching Lives with James Merrit

  • Sunday 5:30AM (CET)

James Robison

Life Today with James and Betty Robison

  • Thursday 11AM (CET)
  • Friday 11AM (CET)
  • Monday 11AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 11AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 11AM (CET)

Jay Sekulow

ACLJ This Week with Jay Sekulow

  • Tuesday 10PM (CET)

Jay Sekulow: The Unholy Alliance

In Unholy Alliance, Jay Sekulow highlights and defines the looming threat of radical Islam.

  • Tuesday 8:35AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 4PM (CET)

Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke: Doing Life

Blending personal storytelling with biblical understanding, Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke offer an inspiring, realistic vision of love, dating, marriage, and sex.

  • Saturday 1:30AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 1:30PM (CET)

Jentezen Franklin

Kingdom Connection with Jentezen Franklin

  • Sunday 6AM (CET)
  • Monday 6PM (CET)

Jesse Duplantis

Jesse Duplantis Ministries

  • Sunday 9AM (CET)
  • Sunday 7:30PM (CET)
  • Monday 6:30PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 9:35PM (CET)

Jewish Voice

Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis

  • Monday 10:30AM (CET)

Joel Osteen

Overcomer with Joel Osteen

  • Thursday 4AM (CET)
  • Thursday 7AM (CET)
  • Thursday 7PM (CET)
  • Friday 4AM (CET)
  • Friday 7AM (CET)
  • Saturday 4AM (CET)
  • Saturday 7AM (CET)
  • Sunday 6PM (CET)
  • Monday 4AM (CET)
  • Monday 7AM (CET)
  • Monday 9PM (CET)
  • Tuesday 4AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 7AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 4AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 7AM (CET)

John Bradshaw

It Is Written with John Bradshaw

  • Sunday 10:30AM (CET)

John Gray

John Gray World with John Gray

  • Thursday 2AM (CET)
  • Thursday 10:30AM (CET)
  • Friday 2AM (CET)
  • Saturday 2AM (CET)
  • Sunday 2AM (CET)
  • Sunday 5PM (CET)
  • Monday 2AM (CET)
  • Monday 11:30PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 2AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 5PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 8PM (CET)

John Hagee

John Hagee Today with John Hagee

  • Thursday 6:30AM (CET)
  • Thursday 1PM (CET)
  • Friday 6:30AM (CET)
  • Friday 1PM (CET)
  • Sunday 12:30PM (CET)
  • Monday 6:30AM (CET)
  • Monday 1PM (CET)
  • Tuesday 6:30AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 1PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 6:30AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 1PM (CET)

Joseph Prince

New Creation Church with Joseph Prince

  • Thursday 4:30AM (CET)
  • Thursday 7:30AM (CET)
  • Thursday 6PM (CET)
  • Friday 4:30AM (CET)
  • Friday 7:30AM (CET)
  • Saturday 4:30AM (CET)
  • Saturday 7:30AM (CET)
  • Sunday 8AM (CET)
  • Monday 4:30AM (CET)
  • Monday 7:30AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 4:30AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 7:30AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 6PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 4:30AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 7:30AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 6PM (CET)

Joseph Prince: Live the Let-Go Life

The most responsible thing you can do for yourself and your family is to take no care and live the let-go life.

  • Monday 10PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 1:30PM (CET)

Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland Ministries specializes in teaching principles of bible faith.

  • Thursday 8AM (CET)
  • Friday 8AM (CET)
  • Sunday 11:30AM (CET)
  • Monday 8AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 8AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 8AM (CET)

Kerry Shook

Kerry Shook Ministries

  • Sunday 3AM (CET)
  • Sunday 6:30PM (CET)

Leon Fontaine

The Spirit Contemporary Life with Leon Fontaine

  • Friday 9:35PM (CET)

Levi Lusko: Through the Eyes of a Lion

Pastor Levi Lusko shares the eye-opening truth of the power of hope in a world that is often filled with pain, suffering, and loss. He presents a manifesto for high-octane living. "Through it I want you to see that God made you for a purpose. There is a wild and wonderful calling on your life, a microphone in your hands. Jesus wants you to look at the adventure of your life through His eyes, the eyes of a Lion."

  • Saturday 12AM (CET)

Lysa Terkeurst: Uninvited

Discover healthy secrets for balanced emotions and a strong identity in Christ.

  • Thursday 8:35AM (CET)

Mark Jeske

Time of Grace with Mark Jeske

  • Thursday 1:30PM (CET)

Max Lucado: Unshakable Hope

Get to know the God who keeps His promises. Max Lucado explores the promises God made to His people throughout the Bible and how they are relevant to your life today. Get ready to discover the amazing plans and promises God has just for you!

  • Saturday 3:30AM (CET)
  • Monday 8:35AM (CET)
  • Thursday 9PM (CET)

Michael Youssef

Leading the Way with Michael Youssef

  • Sunday 3:30AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 7:30PM (CET)

Miracle Moments

Miracle Moments with V Dilkumar

  • Saturday 2:30PM (CET)

Now Living with Javen

Javen invites you to start living your best life NOW.

  • Thursday 9PM (CET)

Paul Adefarasin

House on the Rock with Paul Adefarasin

  • Friday 6PM (CET)

Perry Stone

Manna Fest with Perry Stone

  • Friday 7PM (CET)
  • Monday 9:35PM (CET)

Priscilla Shirer: Discerning the Voice of God

Discerning the Voice of God - Member Book by Priscilla Shirer provides a personal study experience plus viewer guides for the group video sessions of this women's Bible study.

  • Friday 8:35AM (CET)

R.T. Kendall

Word & Spirit with R.T. Kendall

  • Thursday 9:35PM (CET)

Rabbi Kirt Schneider

The Jewish Jesus with Rabbi Kirt Schneider

  • Thursday 11:30AM (CET)
  • Friday 11:30AM (CET)
  • Monday 1:30PM (CET)
  • Tuesday 11:30AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 11:30AM (CET)

Restoring the Shack

Join author Paul Young on an adventure into the world of the best-selling phenomenon, "The Shack." This inside look at how Paul's own life journey shaped his writing explores questions about faith, grief, wonder and relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • Thursday 10AM (CET)
  • Friday 10AM (CET)
  • Monday 10AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 10AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 9:35PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 10AM (CET)

Right People, Right Place, Right Plan

Discover how God leads people into the opportunities of a lifetime.

  • Friday 1:30AM (CET)
  • Friday 8:35AM (CET)
  • Saturday 2:30AM (CET)
  • Sunday 4PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 1:30AM (CET)
  • Thursday 8:35AM (CET)
  • Friday 10PM (CET)

Robert Morris

The Blessed Life with Robert Morris

  • Thursday 9:30AM (CET)
  • Friday 9:30AM (CET)
  • Sunday 4:30PM (CET)
  • Monday 9:30AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 9:30AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 9:30AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 7:30PM (CET)

Robert Morris: Frequency

Our lives are filled with constant noises competing for our attention. Yet many of us never hear the one voice we long to hear the most. In the midst of it all, God is still speaking. Do you hear Him? Through this series, Frequency, Pastor Robert Morris will help you learn how to tune in and hear God.

  • Thursday 6:30PM (CET)
  • Saturday 6PM (CET)
  • Saturday 9PM (CET)
  • Sunday 2:30AM (CET)

Ron Carpenter

Redemption with Ron Carpenter

  • Sunday 8:35AM (CET)

Samuel Rodriguez

New Season with Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

  • Monday 4PM (CET)

Samuel Rodriguez: Be Light

Shining God's Beauty, Truth, and Hope Into a Darkened World

  • Friday 10PM (CET)

Sid Roth

It's Supernatural with Sid Roth

  • Friday 4PM (CET)

Steven Furtick

The Elevation Experience, with Pastor Steven Furtick, focuses on the strength of God in our everyday struggles.

  • Thursday 2:30AM (CET)
  • Thursday 9AM (CET)
  • Friday 2:30AM (CET)
  • Friday 9AM (CET)
  • Monday 2:30AM (CET)
  • Monday 9AM (CET)
  • Tuesday 9AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 2:30AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 9AM (CET)
  • Wednesday 6:30PM (CET)

T. D. Jakes: Dreams & Destiny

Learn God's process for achieving dreams and maximum success.

  • Wednesday 8:35AM (CET)

T.D. Jakes

The Potter's Touch with Bishop T.D. Jakes

  • Thursday 4:30PM (CET)
  • Friday 4:30PM (CET)
  • Sunday 3PM (CET)
  • Monday 11:30AM (CET)
  • Monday 4:30PM (CET)
  • Tuesday 4:30PM (CET)
  • Wednesday 4:30PM (CET)

TBN Meets

Get to know the ministers, worshippers and pioneers serving God in the UK today.

  • Saturday 9:30PM (CET)

TBN UK Partner Time

The best of the guest episodes of Partner Time. Featuring interviews with the leaders of ministry and worship movements from around the UK.

  • Thursday 4PM (CET)
  • Sunday 5:30PM (CET)
  • Tuesday 6:30PM (CET)

The Call To Ministry

The Call To Ministry with Bishop Wayne Malcolm

  • Tuesday 11PM (CET)

The Catholic Guy Bruce Downes

The Catholic Guy Bruce Downes seeks to "Inspire you to Dream" by living life to the fullest through a practical, life application teaching that grows your life and faith.

  • Sunday 1:30PM (CET)

The Song

A candid exploration of God's plan for relationships, love and marriage. With straightforward Bible teaching through the Song of Solomon from pastor and bestselling author Kyle Idleman, THE SONG addresses real-world relationship issues like dating and romance, intimacy, conflict, restoration and cultivating true commitment.

  • Thursday 11:30PM (CET)

The Word One to One

Richard Borgonon goes through The Word One to One, a resource designed to walk you and your friends through the good news found in John's Gospel.

  • Monday 11PM (CET)

Tony Evans

Urban Alternative with Tony Evans

  • Sunday 4:30AM (CET)


Treasures TV - True Life Stories

  • Friday 11:30PM (CET)

Your World with Creflo

Everyone faces challenges in life, and with every challenge we face, there is a solution.

  • Sunday 2PM (CET)