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Movie Special

Movie Night Sunday

  • Sunday 01 Dec 9:30PM (CET)
  • Sunday 08 Dec 9:30PM (CET)
  • Sunday 15 Dec 9:30PM (CET)
  • Sunday 22 Dec 9:30PM (CET)
  • Sunday 29 Dec 9:30PM (CET)

Blood Promise

RJ is a man who blames himself for his pregnant wifeâs death. When a young African American couple, Darrel and Yvette, move in next door RJ takes his anger out on them. Darrel gets combative and over protective of his wife, but Yvette is moved with compassion for the grieving man.

  • Saturday 07 Dec 1AM (CET)

Ruby, God's Workmanship

Ruby continually served others with love and humility specializing in Bible study with women. She learned to boldly share God's Word in truth with love, with all she met. The result? She became a beautiful example of God's workmanship.

  • Thursday 12 Dec 1AM (CET)
  • Saturday 21 Dec 1:30AM (CET)