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TBN Europe Movies


Love Begins

Clark Davis, a traveler with dreams of seeing the world, has to work on Ellen and Cassie's farm to pay off a debt.

  • Saturday 04 Apr 10:30PM (CEST)

Evolution Vs. God

Ray Comfort, New Zealand-born evangelist, takes to the streets to ask random people to provide him with evidence for evolution, along with four evolutionary biologists.

  • Sunday 05 Apr 11:30PM (CEST)

Blood Promise

RJ is a man who blames himself for his pregnant wife’s death. When a young African American couple, Darrel and Yvette, move in next door RJ takes his anger out on them. Darrel gets combative and over protective of his wife, but Yvette is moved with compassion for the grieving man.

  • Monday 06 Apr 11:30PM (CEST)

Fall of Jericho

The Fall of Jericho explores what really happened as Joshua and the Israelites experienced one of the Bible's greatest military victories. Interviews with Dr. Bryant Wood, an archaeologist who led an excavation of the Jericho site, and Bible scholar Dr. Frederick Baltz, shed new light on the truths found in Scripture about this miraculous event.

  • Saturday 11 Apr 1AM (CEST)

Sight & Sound: JESUS

From the bustling streets of Jerusalem to the raging Sea of Galilee, JESUS is the musical stage adventure that has been seen by more than one million people. Witness some of the most awe-inspiring, miraculous events as Jesus sets sail with fishermen, challenges the Pharisees and heals the hurting.

  • Saturday 11 Apr 10PM (CEST)
  • Sunday 12 Apr 12AM (CEST)

Love Comes Softly

In this amazing story, Marty Claridge and her husband dream of seeking a new life of opportunity on the Western frontier. But when Marty is suddenly widowed, she's offered a new opportunity—to marry a widower in a marriage of convenience that leads to unexpected love.

  • Saturday 18 Apr 10:30PM (CEST)