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TBN Europe Documentary



The annual GMA Dove Awards, honours singers, songwriters, groups, and all the great Christian music from the past year. Coverage of this year's stellar show, includes appearances by CeCe Winans, Brandon Lake, Zach Williams, Elevation Worship, and many more!

  • Friday 5PM (CEST)
  • Friday 7PM (CEST)

Insights: Israel & The Middle East

Modern Israel is like a tiny island. But instead of being isolated by a vast ocean, Israel is surrounded by hostile governments and factions that seek the nation’s destruction—extremists who don’t represent the views of most Middle Eastern people.

  • Thursday 6:30PM (CEST)
  • Friday 11:30PM (CEST)

Jordan Rubin: Multi Collagen Protein

Matt and Laurie Crouch with Tom Newman host Jordan Rubin and Josh Axe

  • Thursday 3:30PM (CEST)
  • Friday 1:30PM (CEST)
  • Sunday 2AM (CEST)
  • Thursday 1:30AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 1AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 10:30PM (CEST)

Why Israel Matters

There are many in Washington who are doing their best to quietly move America away from its traditional role as a defender and ally of Israel. With anti-Semitism at its highest level since World War II, Mathew Staver is committed to showing Israel's amazing positive impact to the world via this 13 part documentary series.

  • Thursday 7:30PM (CEST)
  • Saturday 1AM (CEST)