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TBN Europe Documentary


A Conversation with Scott Stapp

An interview at The HolyLand Experience with Scott Stapp, the lead singer of Grammy winning group Creed.

  • Saturday 11:30PM (CEST)

America's Hidden History

Black History Month Special

  • Thursday 7PM (CEST)
  • Thursday 11:30PM (CEST)

Herod's Temple

Jerusalem, rich in historical and Biblical heritage, is the home of the Temple Mount, one of the world's most recognizable and visited sacred sites. No, travel back in time to see it the way Jesus and his disciples did over 2,000 years ago.

  • Saturday 1AM (CEST)

Jordan Rubin: Ancient Probiotics

Did you know that bacteria might actually keep you healthy? It all just depends on the type of bacteria. In this case, we're talking about the benefits of probiotics.

  • Thursday 1:30AM (CEST)

Jordan Rubin: Multi Collagen Protein

Matt and Laurie Crouch with Tom Newman host Jordan Rubin and Josh Axe

  • Friday 12AM (CEST)

The Fall of Jericho

The Fall of Jericho explores what really happened as Joshua and the Israelites experienced one of the Bibleâs greatest military victories.

  • Saturday 1:30AM (CEST)

The Power of the Holy Communion

Join us for this special TBN presentation as we explore the gift Jesus purchased for us at the cross with his body and blood, and reveal God's power of healing and wholeness through Holy Communion.

  • Thursday 1:30AM (CEST)
  • Friday 4PM (CEST)
  • Monday 6:30PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 4PM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 1AM (CEST)
  • Saturday 2:30AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 1AM (CEST)
  • Monday 6PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 11:30PM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 8:30PM (CEST)