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TBN Europe Documentary


A Conversation with Scott Stapp

An interview at The HolyLand Experience with Scott Stapp, the lead singer of Grammy winning group Creed.

  • Saturday 12AM (CET)
  • Saturday 11:30PM (CET)

America's Hidden History

Black History Month Special

  • Thursday 7PM (CET)
  • Thursday 11:30PM (CET)

Best of 2019

Join us as we look back over TBN highlights of 2019.

  • Friday 5PM (CET)
  • Friday 8PM (CET)

His Name is Jesus

Special programming featuring Max Lucado, Steven Curtis Chapman and Mandisa.

  • Saturday 1AM (CET)

Jordan Rubin: Multi Collagen Protein

Matt and Laurie Crouch with Tom Newman host Jordan Rubin and Josh Axe

  • Friday 1:30PM (CET)