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TBN Europe Dailys


Better Together

TBN's first daily original program made by women for women!

  • Friday 10:30AM (CEST)
  • Monday 10:30AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 10:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 10:30AM (CEST)
  • Thursday 10:30AM (CEST)

He Is Risen Celebration

He Is RISEN! Join us as we celebrate Easter Sunday

  • Sunday 12:30AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 8PM (CEST)
  • Monday 2PM (CEST)

Joyce Meyer

Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer

  • Friday 3AM (CEST)
  • Friday 5:30AM (CEST)
  • Friday 10AM (CEST) (Repeat)
  • Monday 3AM (CEST)
  • Monday 5:30AM (CEST)
  • Monday 10AM (CEST) (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 3AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 5:30AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 10AM (CEST) (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 6PM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 3AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 5:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 10AM (CEST) (Repeat)
  • Thursday 3AM (CEST)
  • Thursday 5:30AM (CEST)
  • Thursday 10AM (CEST) (Repeat)

Kingdom Connection with Jentezen Franklin

Kingdom Connection is the teaching ministry of Free Chapel, a multi-campus church with a global ministry.

  • Friday 8:30AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 6AM (CEST)
  • Sunday 4PM (CEST)
  • Monday 8:30AM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 8:30AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 8:30AM (CEST)
  • Thursday 8:30AM (CEST)


Inspiring talk and music at the intersection of faith, culture and current trends.

  • Friday 12AM (CEST)
  • Friday 2PM (CEST)
  • Monday 5PM (CEST)
  • Monday 8PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 2PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 5PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 8PM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 12AM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 2PM (CEST)
  • Thursday 12AM (CEST)
  • Thursday 5PM (CEST)
  • Thursday 8PM (CEST)
  • Friday 5PM (CEST)
  • Friday 8PM (CEST)
  • Sunday 12AM (CEST)

Praise Special: Good Friday Worldwide

Join Christian artist Chris Tomlin and best selling author Max Lucado for an inspirational evening of Praise, Worship and sharing on this special TBN presentation, Good Friday Worldwide. The program also features the music of Matt Maher, Pat Barrett and We The Kingdom. This is an uplifting, good Friday program produced specifically for these unsettled times.

  • Friday 5PM (CEST)
  • Friday 8PM (CEST)

The 700 Club

The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

  • Friday 12PM (CEST)
  • Monday 12PM (CEST)
  • Tuesday 12PM (CEST)
  • Wednesday 12PM (CEST)
  • Thursday 12PM (CEST)

The Best of Better Together

TBN's first daily original program made by women for women!

  • Tuesday 7PM (CEST)