TBN Europe is still on the Hotbird satellite, but our channel has changed. TBN Europe can be viewed on Hotbird 13-B, Transponder 90, Channel 9020.
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About TBN

The Trinity Broadcasting Network began with Paul and Jan Crouch's dream and vision to build a Christian television network that spanned the whole world. From the time it began broadcasting on 28 May 1973, the dream grew and now is the largest Christian television network in the world.

Viewers depend on TBN. Especially when facing life's difficulties, they'll always find positive Christian programming. Programmes that offer hope, encouragement, and friendly smiles. We take our responsibility seriously.

Across America, TBN is carried by TV stations and cable Systems to millions of homes. Around the world it is seen on over 2000 broadcast stations and 17 satellites. And the number continues to grow. Programmes are translated into numerous foreign languages at TBN's state-of-the-art facilities at the International Production Center in Irving, Texas. 

Apart from the programmes made to be aired on television for all ages, TBN is a recognised leader in the production of major Christian movies such as China Cry, The Life of Jesus, The Omega Code, Carmen The Champion, Omega Code 2 – Megiddo, as well as being a partner in the creation of The Visual Bible Matthew and Acts.

In November 1999, an agreement was made with Channel 7 Broadcasting in U.K. which broadcasted to Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia via Eutelsat's Hotbird 5 satellite. TBN Europe via satellite was born. Later, in July 2001, digital transmissions commenced on Eutelsat's Eurobird satellite. TBN reaches millions throughout the world in the Americas and Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, India and the former Soviet Union.